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Nov 10, 2012 3:45pm EST
first lady to be an essential part of her husband's foreign policy team. she found her niche in politics. thank you very much. [applause] >> i will be happy to answer any questions. nobody has any questions? >> when you were doing research for the book, did you contact the daughters for any input or insight that helps you gather any additional information that you didn't already find when you went to the library? >> joy helps me gain access to the rest of her mother's papers and i corresponded with her by e-mail and asked if she would be willing to do an interview but she said she said everything she wanted to say in her book and unless i had a specific question she really didn't want to be interviewed and i could not contact her sister. >> could you expand a little more on the first lady's domestic agenda and what inspired her? >> she became first lady is difficult time. she had an agenda. her first cause was volunteerism although she was also very interested in reading. the volunteerism was dear to her because she did believe in people helping other people, but it was 1969. th
Nov 11, 2012 8:00pm EST
foreign policy. years later he told her he can enter in a series of interviews that pat always handled herself very properly, even the sensitive diplomatic conversation that she might inadvertently overhear. he explained that she listened and nodded but never me, sever him. at the same time, he relied on the thing he did not because i think that it was very observant. a small diplomatic tasks also provided nixon with cover it demanded more of a government policy. she was a woman he could trust to do what he expected to do. traveling did more than desired or adventure of visiting new places. it was way of reconnecting with the husband. she had never been more a part of his life and work them when they travel together traina vice presidential years. certainly circumstances have changed. now they travel the huge entourage and feeling towards the u.s. hardened over the year. the ability demonstrated by the blindness by yourself must've got a fighter. in 1970, epitomized her value as a foreign ambassador. 1970 and earthquake measuring 7.75 on the wreck or scale devastated parts of p
Nov 11, 2012 4:45pm EST
had a keen focus on foreign policy and in particular, really to to the issue of north korea human rights, like really no one else in the american media has taken. in her early career, melanie spent 10 years working for "the wall street journal" asia. in hong kong and before that had another gig, where she lived and worked in tokyo i believe. melanie received her bachelor's degree from princeton university and a master's degree from the university of toronto. the book that melanie is written is absolutely riveting. it really reads more like an tom clancy thriller than it does the work of nonfiction. she tells an incredibly powerful story about human rights and human tragedy the earliest modern north korea. she tells the story through the eyes of many of the participants in this drama. the refugees, one of whom, joseph can come into today, one of only 175, 180 north korean refugees who actually made it to the united states and safety. she tells the story through the eyes of the workers on the underground railroad, largely people involved in christian relief organizations both here i
Nov 10, 2012 1:15pm EST
development of his thinking about the organization, about grand strategy in u.s. foreign policy. not all of that made it into the book. some of it ended up on the cutting room floor, but that could be in my dissertation and perhaps i will finish it. we could see at various points what he was thinking at a certain point and then see how that's playing out. in the summer of june 2000 and 1 general mcchrystal said i remember sitting on the couch watching television and watching the faces flashed across the flu could possibly face him. and they said oh, no they will never sent him. but as we could train chapter one of the book, the army knew that his name is probably in the hat even though the media was not speculating about it at the time. yet received a call from mcchrystal when the rolling storm stone article broke. he was pretty sure that he had received some article that were causing the lose his job. and he was told that he was pretty likely to be selected for afghanistan. he was at the white house for a regularly scheduled meeting, but someone from the oval office came down and says the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4